DJ Police on the rise

Last week, the Japanese national soccer team became the first and so far only  team to secure its qualification to the FIFA World Cup 2014 (not including the host country, of course) thanks to a last minute goal scored by Keisuke Honda, one of the most famous (and needless to say, beloved) players in the Asian nation.

Keisuke Honda, Japan’s most beloved player now

Since the game took place in Saitama, Japan at after-office hours, police warned that areas with a high concentration of bars and young people were expected to take over the streets if Japan qualified to the World Cup and well, the alcohol in their blood would make them do crazy stuff so it was better to avoid areas such as Shibuya, where, for instance, the worldwide famous Crossing was closed from 8 pm to control the incoming crowds in a more efficient way.

Shibuya crossing can

As many as 10000 people use the Shibuya Crossing at the same time

The Japanese team didn’t actually win the game, but a draw was enough to secure a place, so people across the country were nevertheless over-excited. Lots of policemen were out on the streets but a particular one in Shibuya got everyone’s attention because of his humorous, frank speech. Using phrases such as “If you behave in such a way, you can be issued a yellow card, I don’t want to scold you on this happy day” he managed to keep order. People on the net have started calling him “DJ ポリス” (“DJ Cop” or “DJ Police”)

Image from The Nikkei

Many foreign residents in Japan I know are really critical of police. They find them biased and many times just inefficient, but to be truth I find them very polite if compared to cops everywhere else. However they tend to be racist sometimes. I’ve been stopped several times for ID (and background, I would rather say) checks with no actual reason. But this one truly stands out for his perfect use of words. Some news report that he actually won first place in the Tokyo Announcement Contest, so no wonder he was sent to Shibuya! Even some customers at work told me it was better to avoid the area that night because of the possible trouble.



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