Japan is a mystery which change my life!

           Hello, I’m Bibi from Malaysia. A freshman in Ryugakusei Town!

          Today…… Naah, I’m not going to introduce myself but to share about how Japan Change My Life!

           Have you ever feel so down when everyone around you have their plan and everything looks smooth but yourself? Sounds like good things don’t come forward to you? Okay, I understand, but I WAS.

When the day I decided to continue my education in Japan, I never thought that it would be the starting point of  my new life.

Japan are so far different compare to my hometown. There are a lot mystery for you but just have to search it out.
Let’s me show you this:

「不可思議な遊戯」 = An unbelievable game!


[Tokyo Art Beat]

– http://www.tokyoartbeat.com/tablog/entries.ja/

And so on.

This is one of the activity has brighten up my life. It doesn’t mean that I like art so much, but it’s just because  those picture/event are look like a  mystery power that would speak to me and to show me what should I do the next.

Not only this, and a lot! But not going to share it now! =P

So do you understand what a life should be look like??


And sometimes we just have to be like this


Last,this is what I had learnt! =D



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