Apple losing popularity to Sony in Japan too

Recent news have been reporting that Apple’s trendiness has been decreasing over the past few months. After a few years in which every product they released (iPod, iPhone, iPad) became a sales success, now the company is struggling to get its innovative edge back. An article about it follows.

What about in Japan? Well, since I came here in 2010, every new iPhone was so trendy it was really difficult to get one the first weeks after release, requiring people to make a reservation many weeks in advance and waiting in line for hours as well. As this and many other news articles reported last year, iPhone 4S was such a hit in Japan that Apple became the leader in the smartphone market. This was very surprising because, as we all know, Japan has some of the largest electronic companies worldwide such as Sony and Sharp, but they just couldn’t appeal to the domestic market with their Aquos and Xperia phones.

But, a recent discount from the Japanese mobile communication giant, NTT docomo, has fueled Sony’s Xperia smartphone sales, whereas Apple’s share of the market has decreased.

I suppose Apple has lost its cool in Japan as well. Actually, I could tell that the release of iPhone 5 didn’t really excite people here despite it including Japanese language Siri (which is pronouncedĀ  exactly as the word for “ass” in Japanese) and a faster LTE (4G) connection.

In addition, in a country where Windows XP is still (somehow) the most used operational system, Macbooks are not widely spread either.

However, this is not huge, happy news for Sony. Although they’re increasing their smartphone share of the market in Japan, worldwide they’re not doing so well since Samsung Galaxy phones keep dominating the market.

I personally own an iPhone 5, but I gotta confess the main reason for me sticking to Apple’s phone is that most of my friends have an iPhone too, so we can keep contact using iMessages for free (well, we pay for unlimited internet anyway) and knowing where each of us is through “Find my friends”, but I am ready to give up on Apple if Xperia or Galaxy phones get better.

Eduardo H.


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