Get married inside Tokyo’s busy Yamanote Line!

The Yamanote line is the most emblematic train line in Tokyo. This loop line runs connects major urban centers in Tokyo and pretty much defines what the central districts are (Shinjuku, Ueno, Yurakucho, Shibuya…). More than 3.5 million people ride its trains everyday and each station has a different departure melody, all of which you can listen to in the following video.

Yesterday, the Yamanote line was on the news because of the upcoming 50th anniversary of their 103 series trains. To celebrate this, they’re looking for a couple willing to get married in one of the all-green 103 series trains on October 10th (which apparently is “Railroad day”), plus a reception at the Hotel Metropolitan in Ikebukuro. The total duration of the ceremony inside the train is 1 hour and the winning couple gets to invite 80-120 guests. It says, however, that once an application has been submitted, it is impossible to refuse. Getting off the train is not possible as well, so think twice about it before applying!

Anime wedding

Anime wedding

Though I found it outrageous at first, after thinking about it does sound like an interesting, memorable way to immortalize your, hopefully only, wedding ceremony. But of course, riding the Yamanote line at rush hour is so freaking stressful maybe some couples want to avoid their wedding relating to that stress? Well, I’m not a romantic person at all so I have no idea what an ideal ceremony should be like. Yikes.

You can apply here. Deadline for submission of documents is July the 9th.

Eduardo H.
Source: (Japanese only)

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