Japanese Racist Group Clashes with Anti-Racist Counterpart

Tensions continue rising as anti-Korean protesters organize hate-speech rallies in Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo district—a neighbourhood known for its Japanese-Korean community.

However, the latest demonstration in June 16th ended up in violence: the “Citizens Against Special Privilege of Zainichi” (Zainich: derogatory term for Japanese-Koreans) clashed with anti-racist groups led by “The Shit-Back-That-Racist Crew.” Tokyo police arrested the leader of the anti-Korean group, Takada Makoto (alias Sakurai Makoto). Mr. Makoto allegedly grabbed an anti-racist demonstrator by the collar and spat on his face—this action has been cited as one of the main causes for the clashes.

Source: Japancrush

Source: Japancrush

A total of eight people—four anti-Koreans and four anti-racist protesters—were arrested.

Japanese ultra-nationalists netizens, colloquially known as nettouyo (extreme right-wing internet users) are flooding the comment sections of reporting websites with racist anti-Korean comments and demanding the police release the names of the anti-racist demonstrators.
Unfortunately, it seems the current rise in anti-foreigner hate speech and ultra-nationalism does not show signs of receding anytime soon.


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