Japan’s Energy Future

Japanese nuclear plants are set to face strict new safety qualifications in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear incident. Some plants such as the Hamaoka nuclear plant in Chubu are pursuing expensive new improvements as skeptical shareholders worry the plants may be closed anyways. Often referenced as one of the more dangerous plants due to its high-risk location in regards to earthquakes, the Hamaoka plant is due to undergo a massive $1.5 billion safety upgrade it claims will lead to a safe and efficient energy source. However, the upgraded plant will still require approval from Japan’s atomic regulator when new safety standards take effect on July 8, and likely a public vote on whether the plant should stay open. In fact, the governor of Shizuoka was elected partially because he promised just such a referendum on the nuclear plant.

Problems are not only limited to the Hamaoka plant. Many believe that the future of nuclear energy in Japan is uncertain after its dangers were revealed by the Fukushima incident, and it is common to find protestors in Tokyo chanting anti-nuclear slogans. Surely it is important for Japan to find safe energy sources for its future. Can nuclear energy can be a part of this?

Article here: http://www.pottsmerc.com/article/20130624/NEWS05/130629682/japan-unveils-nuclear-safety-improvements-but-industry-still-in-trouble#full_story


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