Accident would happen always, in life.

You would NEVER EVER FEEL SO CRAZY when you’ve used a hour or above to prepare something to share but once you press the ‘publish’ button and everything turn to a blank page..!! ‘WHAT??!!’   
– Finally this have happened on me today TWICE!! in a day
So,this would be my 3rd theme I’ve write for this blog today.
Just forget about it. No ‘undo’ or ‘reply’ button though, so don’t let the pass effect any of you.
Then, let’s talk about ‘effect‘.
In reality, sometimes may loss of self-esteem during those critical adolescent years contributes to issues like drug problems or chronic depression. I understand, and especially for people like us who come so far from home and friends to a place we don’t recognize at all.
But people encourage that do not be misled by others, especially general conference. Because everyone deserves to live in his/her dreams. Just need to talk with someone when faced problem, cause to share out and problem solving.
Do you know,
-Steve Jobs -> brave -> law of attraction -> change -> believe -> inspire -> goals?
-Chance: Japan has located to the top rank about  most ingenious home designs.
Speak to yourself, “if you’re not going to do so who will?” A sentence which spoken by.. someone I found from a blog. 
And he/she say..
Everything are just depend on how you think of it. To enjoy or to move hard?

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