Kenichi Ebina, an internet sensation after America’s Got Talent performance

Internet sensations come and go at an amazing speed sometimes. A few weeks ago, I was talking about DJ Police and this week a talented Japanese attracted lots of attention thanks to his latest performance in America’s got talent. His name is Kenichi Ebina and thanks to his impressive mix of Matrix-like moves and martial arts he’s gotten over 6 million hits on YouTube.

Although he’s been around for many years, it’s the first time a video of him greatly exceeds the 2 million mark and, to be frank, it’s wonderful he’s showing the world that Japanese people can dance too (Believe it or not, some people think otherwise…)

Of course Japanese CAN dance! Just check the "awaodori!

Of course Japanese ENJOY dancing! Just check the “awaodori.

Naturally, he’s also performed in Japan more than once.

And we’ve been so lucky we could interview him earlier this year! In the interview, he told us about the story behind his career as a dancer. Don’t miss it!

Will he make it to the end in the show? Hopefully, he will! After laws prohibiting dancing, dancers in Japan wouldn’t mind some dignifying motivation.




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