“iwatch” coming to Japan?

nano watchApple has applied for a trademark to the term “iwatch” in Japan. While rumor-mongers on the internet have long insisted that Apple is planning to release a wearable computer, the company has yet to release a statement verifying this. Is this trademark application a sign that this type of product is on the horizon? Or is it merely a just-in-case measure to prevent competitors from stealing possible future product names?

We will not know the answer until Apple releases an official statement, but in the meantime we can speculate on how this device will function. I have seen an Ipod Nano worn as a watch, but an “iwatch” would obviously have to go well past the Nano’s capabilities to catch on. Perhaps it will be comparable to an Iphone worn on your wrist. It may even serve as Apple’s response to Google Glass. If it even exits, that is…

Article Here: http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/1/4481860/apple-applies-for-iwatch-trademark-in-japan


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