Animals in Tokyo


When we think of big metropolis, we think of crowds, traffic jams, busy trains or buses, buildings, restaurants and more. But even in the largest metropolis in the world, there are plenty of animals making their everyday life among the crowds. They especially come out in summer, so I’ll try to list a few. Beware, though, most of them might be considered pests, haha.

1. Crows カラス

I seriously believe crows are very emblematic in Tokyo. They’re big compared to all the other birds dwelling the city and they’re absolutely black, beak included, so they naturally look tough. They’re troublemakers since they open garbage bags all the time and often react aggressively if you mess with them.

Do not even think of scaring it off

Do not even think of scaring it off

2. Cicadas セミ

These noisy insects live shortly, but they’ll remind you day and night of their presence all over the city since they make noise NON-STOP. After midsummer, all of the cicadas have come out of their cocoon, so you’ll find cocoon leftovers everywhere. Not a nice sight, in my opinion.

Cicada on the street

Cicada on the street

3. Frogs カエル

I’ve seen several frogs recently. They come out when it’s extremely humid and at night. I’ve unfortunately run into many during my stay in Japan. Be careful you kick them or run over them. Most of the time they don’t make any noise and they’re dark colored, so it’s easy not to see them.

Frogs come out especially in June, when it rains often

Frogs come out especially in June, when it rains often

4. Raccoon dogs たぬき

Raccoons are a rare sight, but many people (including me) have seen them at least once. I saw one 2 years ago in summer and another one last year in winter. They are afraid of humans, though, so they hide quickly.

They're usually shy

They’re usually shy

Other animals include doves, roaches, mosquitoes (tons of them)…

Which ones have you seen? Which ones did I miss?

Eduardo H.


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