The worst fireworks season in years?

We were complaining about the rain a few weeks ago, then we started complaining about how quickly it got hot since the official rainy season came to an end earlier than usual, but over the past 10 days people have been complaining about how unstable the weather is. What’s the big deal about it?

Well, first of all, from late July to late August, dozens of festivals 祭り (matsuri) and firework festivals 花火大会(hanabi taikai) take place. While matsuris can usually be held even if it’s raining, fireworks are absolutely ruined by rain as thick rainy clouds get on the way and the audience can’t really see anything, some of them don’t explode at all and also most people watch these beautiful shows outdoor, so they and their beautiful 浴衣 (yukata), a summer kimono get all wet.

Some beautiful yukatas from a catalog

Some beautiful yukatas from a catalog

Last weekend, 3 very important firework festivals were supposed to take place, including the Sumida River Fireworks, which attracts a crowd of about 1 million people according to some sources. However, a large number of people had to go home disappointed because a so-called ゲリラ豪雨 (gerira gouu)  literally “guerilla rainstorm”, a kind of very heavy rain that occurs suddenly, a quite unfortunate analogy to a guerrilla raiding somewhere, started all over the capital area, forcing organizers to cancel the events. It really makes me wonder who coined this term first?

Today there’s also a big firework festival in Yokohama, but the weather forecast has it that long hours of rain are to be expected. Maybe it will have to be postponed one more time?

Wanna go to a firework festival soon? Can you read Japanese? If so, check this amazing firework “finder” website



Eduardo H.

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