English teaching volunteer in Dongri no Mori

Let’s teach the local kids English!! English teaching volunteer in Dongri no Mori

If you like kids, if you like teaching English, if you want to have a cultural exchange with Japanese children… Well, this is your chance!

Why don’t you come and let the kids have a unique experience communicating with foreigners and learning English!

CHAPPE English Volunteers last year, in Chiba prefecture

CHAPPE English Volunteers last year, in Chiba prefecture

We’re going to “Yotsukaido playpark Dongri no Mori”

Dongri no Mori is a play park full of trees and wildlife(^∀^)♪. Dongri means “acorn” in Japanese and as the name suggests, we can find them here. I wonder if it’s the right season?

Donguri no mori, literally "Acorn forest"

Dongri no mori, literally “Acorn forest”

Below are a few of the many activities we will be doing

★Painting name plates & sign boards in Japanese and English

★Exchanging each other’s outdoor activities from back home

★Using marbles to create kawaii accessories

We plan to make this a special and fun experience for both students and children!


Time&Date: August 23rd Friday (it will be postponed to the 30th in case of rain)

10:00 – 13:30 (Meeting up at 9:30 at the Yotsukaido station entrance)

Place: Yotsukaido play park Dongri no Mori

690 Warabi Yotsukaido-shi Chiba-ken

HP: http://www.dongrinomori.net/

Application: TEL: 03-6683-0584

E-mail: chappe@cue-group.co.jp

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.

Operating company: CUE Co., Ltd.

3-3-24 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo

TEL: 03-6683-0584

URL: http://www.cue-group.co.jp/


Get Free かき氷(shaved ice) and support Animal Photographer Rei Ohara

Hey everyone!! We(Ryugakusei Town) are going to help out the “Free かき氷(Shaved Ice)” Campaign held in August. If you’re interested, check out the details from Chappe Volunteer below!!

Hi this is Chappe Volunteer!! We are going to serve free かき氷(shaved ice) to help promote wildlife photographer Rei Ohara. Rei has been going out to photograph seals every year since an encounter with a seal pup turned him into a wildlife photographer.

小原さん&赤ちゃんアザラシ  流氷
Due to global warming, the number of ice-floes are decreasing as we speak. This has caused more than 100,000 seal pups dying every year. Rei portrays the wildlife to show it’s true beauty to the world. He astounds people with his photographs and at the same time sends out a message to point out that “If we keep going like this, there will be no more wildlife to portray”.
So instead of turning on your AC at home and committing to global warming, why don’t you come on over and enjoy some free かき氷(shaved ice) with us. Everybody is welcome.


Donations are greatly appreciated! All donations will be sent to Rei Ohara, to support his work.

Joining as a Volunteer
If you want to volunteer and help us serve かき氷, that will be great!!
E-mail us or give us a call, make sure to decide which area you want to participate from the information below. You can come and go whenever you like, we appreciate every second of your help.

E-mail: chappe@cue-group.co.jp

Phone: 03-6683-0584

Location & Dates

All Dates 11:30 – 14:30

August 1st 2nd in Kamata Station
2-2-12 Kamata Oota-ku Tokyo

August 5th 6th in Sugamo Station
We will be serving in front of the 株式会社フォーディー本社(The Building on the very bottom)


Sugamo Station

August 7th 8th 9th in Gaien-mae Station (Omotesando Station)
We will be serving in front of our Headquarters “CHAPPE TOWN”!!