Changed in ONLY 3 days; Amazing Japan

Summer on a beach

I guess everyone might in their summer holiday now.  * student*

Do everyone have fun and enjoy in your holiday time?!! I wish everyone do. Like what people always say, “work hard & play hard“. And I thought I will be in a board holiday ever because I got no plan for my holiday, but I WASN’T I never thought that the camp i went last week could fill and grow me up in only 3days! What an amazing Japan I love so much!


I just came back from the 3days 2night camp in Nagoya. 本当に最高だったよ!

In camp, there are not only games but also some bible study lesson in different way! However, I love the way they have and I guess everyone do think so too. Because at the last day of camp, almost every of them who I first met, they told me that 3days are too short and they promise that they will be coming for the next year camp too! Wow, I feel so happy that everyone do enjoy. Is like, people give you a such respond that show directly from their heart with happiness. And, this remind me of what my dad always say, Different always create mystical =]


THIS!! Sounds like studio right? We have music time before and after study lesson thought.

This is the place where we having our lesson and 2 of them who stand in the front are our ‘teacher’ and translator. There are 2 languages all the time, english and japanese. And I think that is great to have 2 languages. The reason is there are some people who don’t understand english or japanese, like me =O   BUT, whenever I listen to these 2 languages for a long time, my listening and speaking skills in both languages has improve so much! What the…… great…!! But, I do have ‘sick in language’ this recently too. I might often speak in the wrong language to the wrong person… now.. LOL  I believe I will recover soon….

By the way, I feel good to have this lesson is because I think that everyone likes freedom. The best i think is people can study in the relax position according to what they want or what they can do. I feel so free at the time when I can sit with my new friends in any free space with different way I can fold my legs or etc etc. Awesome!

Thank you.


Japan’s largest daily news

690-1GJ36.AuSt.55     TOKYO —  22 July 2013  (9:19 a.m.)  (JR Minami-Urawa station )

    Tokyo is known as one of the busiest city in the world. You can see people are fighting with their time every day. And for those who have an experience of taking train in Tokyo, you may know that most of the people in the train who will pretending like they didn’t see sexual harassment, sleeping in priority seats or ignoring people who may actually need a seat… etc etc


for this time, these people are trying to save a woman who got stuck in the gap between the train and the platform during rush hour. They could actually take other lines to go to work, but they didn’t. I’m sure there was something more than that in people’s heart.

After a few minute ago, the women was then pulled out uninjured to applause from onlookers. After just an eight-minute delay, the train went on its way.


Accident would happen always, in life.

You would NEVER EVER FEEL SO CRAZY when you’ve used a hour or above to prepare something to share but once you press the ‘publish’ button and everything turn to a blank page..!! ‘WHAT??!!’   
– Finally this have happened on me today TWICE!! in a day
So,this would be my 3rd theme I’ve write for this blog today.
Just forget about it. No ‘undo’ or ‘reply’ button though, so don’t let the pass effect any of you.
Then, let’s talk about ‘effect‘.
In reality, sometimes may loss of self-esteem during those critical adolescent years contributes to issues like drug problems or chronic depression. I understand, and especially for people like us who come so far from home and friends to a place we don’t recognize at all.
But people encourage that do not be misled by others, especially general conference. Because everyone deserves to live in his/her dreams. Just need to talk with someone when faced problem, cause to share out and problem solving.
Do you know,
-Steve Jobs -> brave -> law of attraction -> change -> believe -> inspire -> goals?
-Chance: Japan has located to the top rank about  most ingenious home designs.
Speak to yourself, “if you’re not going to do so who will?” A sentence which spoken by.. someone I found from a blog. 
And he/she say..
Everything are just depend on how you think of it. To enjoy or to move hard?

Tips ! — Japan life

Do You agree?

Why there are so Fashionable & Cute &…. anywhere in Japan? Especially Tokyo!

– Shops around everywhere, you can’t stop spending money?

– People in Tokyo they’re so fashionable, you want to be like them?

– Different shop with different price?

– Looking for most cheaper?

– Want to save up time while saving money?

– Looking for fast & easy way?

Be Smart Buyer!

– Comparing between (rakuten, yahoo…. shopping net)

– Give away & Get free stuff & Part job & Traveling &….

– Cheap shop! Able to buy in ONLY 1yen!

– Cheap shoes. (especially for ladies who always want change her style) (life with shoes)


Let me share some words.

-“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing,you will be successful.” – A. Schweitzer

– “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin

Thank you! =]

Let's SIMLE! ;D

Japan is a mystery which change my life!

           Hello, I’m Bibi from Malaysia. A freshman in Ryugakusei Town!

          Today…… Naah, I’m not going to introduce myself but to share about how Japan Change My Life!

           Have you ever feel so down when everyone around you have their plan and everything looks smooth but yourself? Sounds like good things don’t come forward to you? Okay, I understand, but I WAS.

When the day I decided to continue my education in Japan, I never thought that it would be the starting point of  my new life.

Japan are so far different compare to my hometown. There are a lot mystery for you but just have to search it out.
Let’s me show you this:

「不可思議な遊戯」 = An unbelievable game!

[Tokyo Art Beat]


And so on.

This is one of the activity has brighten up my life. It doesn’t mean that I like art so much, but it’s just because  those picture/event are look like a  mystery power that would speak to me and to show me what should I do the next.

Not only this, and a lot! But not going to share it now! =P

So do you understand what a life should be look like??


And sometimes we just have to be like this


Last,this is what I had learnt! =D