Softbank curry, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, The Return of Summer Heat and more

Good afternoon! Eduardo here!

There were a few happenings the past week in Japan that got international attention, but also a few things that called my attention. This time I would like to sum them up in a single post in a mix of both cute and serious news.


1. Softbank Curry

Recently, Softbank was on the news since they beat NTT DoCoMo as the Mobile Phone company with the highest profit. Even though it is unlikely there is any connection with their last campaign, I am absolutely in love with it and maybe I won’t be able to eat it since it’s too cute. Just by going to any Softbank store, showing your cellphone and answering a simple questionnaire (took me 1 minute), you’ll get one box of this limited edition curry. I saw many people getting it. You know, Japanese curry is one of the most beloved dishes here. Some articles report that an average person eats it 68 times a year. 2 months of curry everyday if you wanna see it that way!

Cutest curry ever

Cutest curry ever


2. Successful fireworks, at last

After many days of sudden, strong rainstorms that even cancelled some firework festivals, as I wrote in a previous post (The worst fireworks season in years?), firework festivals scheduled for last weekend could be held without any drawbacks since there was no rain. Itabashi, Edogawa and Tachikawa fireworks in the Tokyo metropolis area gathered lots, lots of people. If you tried to take a train that day I’m sure you noticed many children, men and women wearing yukatas.

I saw the Tachikawa fireworks and they were amazingly good. Never had I seen fireworks from that close! As I was paying attention to them, I didn’t really take any good pics.

Tachikawa fireworks

Tachikawa fireworks


3. Scorching hot summer is back

So now that the rain and very cloudy days are gone, intense heat has spread all over Japan again. Temperatures of over 32 degrees are expected everywhere in Tokyo and similar and even higher ones elsewhere in the country. Be sure to drink plenty of water, avoid going outside for long period between 10 am and 3 pm and all the usual advice.

Weather forecast for Setagaya, Tokyo

Weather forecast for the upcoming days in Setagaya, Tokyo



4. 68th anniversary of the first Atomic bombing in world history

If you are reading this blog, I am absolutely sure you are familiar with the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only two cases of nuclear weapons in war. The Atomic bombing of Hiroshima occurred on August 6th, 1945, followed by the Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9th the same year. This bombings marked the end of WWII and the start of a new, “peaceful” era in Japan.

Every year, a ceremony takes place in Hiroshima. White doves are released into the air, float paper lanterns are floated down the river and many survivors (currently most of them were children or teenagers at the time of the bombing) talk about what their saw, leaders ask for an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, the latter because of the still recent Fukushima nuclear plants issues and more. It is a very touching moment for people everywhere in Japan.



5. The largest Japanese warship since WWII

Very ironic and contradictory for most foreign press, Japan’s largest warship was unveiled the same week of the Atomic bombing anniversary. While I understand that due to the recent territorial and basically military tensions with China and Korea the unveiling of strong self-defense ways is important, they could have waited a couple weeks, right?



That’s it for this week!


Eduardo H.