Changed in ONLY 3 days; Amazing Japan

Summer on a beach

I guess everyone might in their summer holiday now.  * student*

Do everyone have fun and enjoy in your holiday time?!! I wish everyone do. Like what people always say, “work hard & play hard“. And I thought I will be in a board holiday ever because I got no plan for my holiday, but I WASN’T I never thought that the camp i went last week could fill and grow me up in only 3days! What an amazing Japan I love so much!


I just came back from the 3days 2night camp in Nagoya. 本当に最高だったよ!

In camp, there are not only games but also some bible study lesson in different way! However, I love the way they have and I guess everyone do think so too. Because at the last day of camp, almost every of them who I first met, they told me that 3days are too short and they promise that they will be coming for the next year camp too! Wow, I feel so happy that everyone do enjoy. Is like, people give you a such respond that show directly from their heart with happiness. And, this remind me of what my dad always say, Different always create mystical =]


THIS!! Sounds like studio right? We have music time before and after study lesson thought.

This is the place where we having our lesson and 2 of them who stand in the front are our ‘teacher’ and translator. There are 2 languages all the time, english and japanese. And I think that is great to have 2 languages. The reason is there are some people who don’t understand english or japanese, like me =O   BUT, whenever I listen to these 2 languages for a long time, my listening and speaking skills in both languages has improve so much! What the…… great…!! But, I do have ‘sick in language’ this recently too. I might often speak in the wrong language to the wrong person… now.. LOL  I believe I will recover soon….

By the way, I feel good to have this lesson is because I think that everyone likes freedom. The best i think is people can study in the relax position according to what they want or what they can do. I feel so free at the time when I can sit with my new friends in any free space with different way I can fold my legs or etc etc. Awesome!

Thank you.

Eating eel in Japan

Eel (うなぎ) are not the prettiest creatures in the world. In fact, in my home country, no one would ever think of eating a snake-looking animal. However, in Japan, China and a few other countries, eel has been part of the food culture since old times.

I didn’t know much about eel until I moved to Japan. Actually, my only image of an eel was that of an electric eel from the Peruvian Amazon. So, upon coming to Japan, I happily went to a kaitenzushi (train sushi restaurant) and tried eel for the first time. Its sweet sauce (たれ) makes eel sushi stand out among the other salty or savory fish.

Eel sushi

Eel sushi

Also, eel sushi is one of the few sushi that is NEVER raw. The reason behind this, is that the blood of eel is actually very poisonous, but the boiling process gets rid of this danger. This reminds me a bit of the tradition of eating fugu (blowfish) since the organs of this fish can kill you quickly if you don’t remove them correctly during its preparation. I suppose that eating deadly fish is very appealing.

Eel consumption reaches its peak every summer, when lots of Japanese people eat this fish in order to cool down and stay healthy during the hot season. As a matter of fact, there’s a special day during midsummer for eating eel.  Every 土用の丑の日 doyou no ushi no hi (day of the Ox in midsummer), eel becomes the most wanted fish in the country.

Unfortunately, the global population of eel is decreasing, so prices rise every year. an unajuu or unadon (eel on a rice bowl) costs at least about 800-900 yen if the eel comes from China, and at least 1800 yen and more if it’s a local one.

A rice bowl topped with shrimp, eel and scallop.

A rice bowl topped with shrimp, eel and scallop

I’ve of two areas in Japan that boast eel dishes as their local specialty: Nagoya city and the area surrounding Lake Hamana in Shizuoka prefecture. I have never been to Shizuoka, but I’ve been lucky enough to try hitsumabushi, a unique type of eel rice bowl that comes with seaweed, seasonings and a broth soup as side dishes. One must eat hitsumabushi in 3 different ways. First, as it is; second, with a mix of the seasonings and seaweed and last, with the broth soup poured on it.

Hitsumabushi, a local specialty in Nagoya

Hitsumabushi, a local specialty in Nagoya

Last, saltwater eel (穴子) is a much cheaper option to freshwater eel (うなぎ), but its taste and texture is not as good!

Eduardo H.

Welcome to the world of Ryugakusei!

What’s your image of Japan?

Souvenirs in Tokushima prefecture

I am sure that sushi, anime, manga, Jpop, kawaii culture, bustling metropolis, crowded trains and more will pop into many of your minds.

But, have you ever wondered what is it like to come to this country as a university student? Not everything here is as crazy as it looks or maybe it is?

Before we get started, a self-introduction is mandatory! Since Ryugakusei Town has more than one writer, we’ll introduce ourselves taking turns.

Eduardo H.

Outside Nagoya Castle.

Eduardo outside Nagoya Castle

Hello everyone! My name is Eduardo Higginson and I am one of the writers here at Ryugakusei Town. I am currently a university student. I am originally from Lima, Peru and I’ve been living in Japan for 3 years so far.

I am a bit of a foodie, a bit of an otaku and a bit of a traveler. I like talking about food, whether it is Japanese, Korean or Mexican! Also discuss weird news, kawaii culture, university life, drinking, game centers and more.

The first Japanese thing in my life was a Game Boy with a Super Mario Land and Pokemon games. I am still in love in Nintendo, but not as much as I used to be. I do hit the game centers often, though.

My favorite cities in Japan are Tokyo and Nagoya. Tokyo is just so vast, full of dining, entertainment, concerts, trains and so on I can’t get enough of it. Nagoya is also a big city, but has wider roads, delicious regional food and an amazing castle, to name a few.

As cliche as it might be, my favorite Japanese dish is the quintessential sushi! I go to sushi train restaurants (回転寿司) once a week on average!

Please, comment my posts anytime! Every kind of reaction would be appreciated. See you soon!