Changed in ONLY 3 days; Amazing Japan

Summer on a beach

I guess everyone might in their summer holiday now.  * student*

Do everyone have fun and enjoy in your holiday time?!! I wish everyone do. Like what people always say, “work hard & play hard“. And I thought I will be in a board holiday ever because I got no plan for my holiday, but I WASN’T I never thought that the camp i went last week could fill and grow me up in only 3days! What an amazing Japan I love so much!


I just came back from the 3days 2night camp in Nagoya. 本当に最高だったよ!

In camp, there are not only games but also some bible study lesson in different way! However, I love the way they have and I guess everyone do think so too. Because at the last day of camp, almost every of them who I first met, they told me that 3days are too short and they promise that they will be coming for the next year camp too! Wow, I feel so happy that everyone do enjoy. Is like, people give you a such respond that show directly from their heart with happiness. And, this remind me of what my dad always say, Different always create mystical =]


THIS!! Sounds like studio right? We have music time before and after study lesson thought.

This is the place where we having our lesson and 2 of them who stand in the front are our ‘teacher’ and translator. There are 2 languages all the time, english and japanese. And I think that is great to have 2 languages. The reason is there are some people who don’t understand english or japanese, like me =O   BUT, whenever I listen to these 2 languages for a long time, my listening and speaking skills in both languages has improve so much! What the…… great…!! But, I do have ‘sick in language’ this recently too. I might often speak in the wrong language to the wrong person… now.. LOL  I believe I will recover soon….

By the way, I feel good to have this lesson is because I think that everyone likes freedom. The best i think is people can study in the relax position according to what they want or what they can do. I feel so free at the time when I can sit with my new friends in any free space with different way I can fold my legs or etc etc. Awesome!

Thank you.