Refreshing Towels

Hello! It’s almost June and humidity in Tokyo will certainly increase dramatically from now on. Do you live in a city where summers are humid? If so, you know how uncomfortable it can be since perspiration and sweat is usually unavoidable, right? Here in Japan many companies release a wide variety of products to help people deal with the summer heat, but this time I would like to talk about one product specifically, refreshing towels.

Refreshing towels are actually wet tissues similar to those you get in many restaurants and airplanes to refresh yourself. However, Japanese cosmetic companies have created some that are basically deodorant, refreshing wet towels. I was reluctant to use them at first, but after trying the Gatsby Ice Type ones, I noticed I cannot really do without them in midsummer.

Image property of GATSBY

They’re meant to be used on your body, excluding your face (although it won’t hurt you or anything) since they have other specific products for face use.

Property of GATSBY

Property of GATSBY

Also, as you may know, Japanese women are very, very careful when venturing outdoors during late spring, summer and early autumn due to the high UV levels these seasons normally have. In addition to carrying a parasol and even wearing long gloves to protect their skin, some of them use refreshing towels that offer UV protection anytime they want to get rid of any unaesthetic perspiration or oily look.

top-8fad57afedf08a223ef9155f5d731ab1.jpgAlthough enduring summer in Japan can be a challenge for many of us, these products do actually help a bit. If you’ll be here anytime from now to September, I strongly recommend you buy one of them. Trying won’t hurt!

Eduardo H.