Japanese advice n°3 – Be ready to be amused by waseieigo 和製英語!

Japanese advice n°3

Be ready to be amused by waseieigo 和製英語!

Waseieigo are terms that originated from English words, but English-speakers might not understand them because of different reasons. These words tend to differ too much from its original meaning, have a different connotation in Japanese or just be odd abbreviations. As an English-speaker, you gotta think about these words twice every time you hear as you might misunderstand what the other person is trying to say.

Let’s see some peculiar waseieigo terms!

マイブーム – My boom
This term refers to something that has caught our attention lately. For example, if you have recently become crazy about Korean Food and eat it very often, you can say マイブームは韓国料理だ!

バージンロード – Virgin road
This one is just hilarious! A “virgin road” is the carpet used in the aisle of a wedding ceremony, on which the bride will walk towards her broom in front of all the guests.

スマート – Smart?
A “smart” person is not someone who boasts a great intellect or cleverness, but someone who has a fit body. Pay a visit to Wendy’s in Japan to find the スマートバーガー (smart burger), a burger that has lower calories than the others!

リモコン - Remo Con
This abbreviation can be a bit hard to get, but it simply means remote controller. It comes from リモートコントローラー and many Japanese people may mistakenly use it when speaking English.

ガススタンド – Gas Stand
Gas station or Petrol station.

セクハラ – Sex Harra
This abbreviation means Sexual Harassment. I know it’s not a word most of us want to hear or use, but oh well…

トイレ – Toilet
“Toilet” in Japanese refers, most of the time, to the whole bathroom or restroom.

マイホーム – My home
This one is easy to understand. It merely means “my house”.

ホーム – Form?
Unlike the ホーム in マイホーム, this word comes from the “-form” in “platform”. It is used at every train station. E.g. “2番ホームに電車がまいります” A train is coming to platform 2.

アパート – Apart?
アパート means “apartment” and it comes from the first 2 syllables of this word “apart-”

マンション – Mansion?
A “mansion” in Japanese is not a big, wealthy house, but an apartment building that has bigger, nicer apartments, as opposed to アパート, which has smaller, not so fancy apartments.

And I could keep writing this list forever, but I will stop for now. Do you know any other funny waseieigo? Feel free to tell us about it on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Ryugakuseitownpage